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Now Consulting

Providing exceptional ATM consulting services that are catered specifically to your needs. Services are based on a "Customer First" approach and are highly customizable to meet the ever-changing banking environment.

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Designing a comprehensive strategic plan for your ATM fleet is complex and time consuming.  Its foundation should be based on customer feedback, competitive trends, data analytics, and life cycle management to achieve success.

Developing a multi-layer Risk & Compliance program is critical to protect against physical and logical ATM attacks.  Fraudulent groups will expose your Bank to significant losses if the correct strategy is not executed.

Managing vendor relationships can be cumbersome and often times a frustrating process.  Building a strategic vendor roadmap that incorporates data driven decisions, meaningful SLA's,  life cycle management, and technology enhancements will guide you through this journey.

Data is the driving force to creating a superior operational plan for your fleet.  Implementing a plan without understanding key data elements will minimize your results in fleet performance, training programs, expense reduction, and return on investments.

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Helping your organization navigate through the complex ATM environment in an abbreviated amount of time.

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John Hansen

Companion Systems


A Trusted Advisor

“Over the last 10 years, Companion

Systems has worked with Mark Nowlin as member of his vendor team at multiple Financial Institutions.  In that time, he has become my friend and trusted advisor.  I will tell anyone that asks, if you must choose one friend or advisor in the ATM business, you better choose Mark.  No one knows the industry better.”


Mark Nowlin

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Mark Nowlin, President of Now Consulting, is an experienced ATM Services Strategist, having developed expertise in this field through a variety of progressive roles throughout the industry.  Mark previously served as Vice President, Director of Customer Enhanced Channels at TCF Bank.  In this role he developed the strategic plan and oversaw the operations for 1,050 ATMs. 

Success in Mark’s most recent role was informed by earlier roles at Fifth Third Bank that entailed 22 years of extensive experience in ATM operations, expense reduction, cash management, ATM fleet strategy, transaction processing, and contract negotiations for a fleet of 2,500 ATMs.

Mark holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati, Ohio where he currently resides. 

Mark is a member of Diebold Nixdorf’s Customer Advisory Board, Execs in the Know, and Seton High School Board of Directors where he also serves as the Advancement Committee Chair.

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