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What Can Now Consulting Do For You?

I work with clients, providing exceptional consulting services that are catered specifically to their needs. See below for the services I offer. Contact me for immediate results.

Services : Services
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Channel Management

To maximize the return on your investments, your organization must create a multi-year ATM Channel strategy.  The plan should be based on feedback from customers, staff, industry trends, technology capabilities, and consumer data.

What NOW Consulting will do for you:

  • Analyze your customer feedback, transaction data, and competitive trends

  • Guide you through developing a hardware and software life cycle strategy

  • Review current distribution model and develop plan to achieve maximum brand awareness

  • Assist in creating an attainable budget and implementation plan

  • Assist in procurement of suppliers that best align with your vision

  • Recommend expense reduction and new revenue opportunities

  • Create a comprehensive maintenance program that aligns with your ATM availability objectives

Risk & Compliance

To secure your assets, it is imperative that your long-term strategy include physical and logical security counter measures.  Fraudulent attackers will find your bank’s weakest link and continuously expose the vulnerability.

What NOW Consulting will do for you:

  • Assess current physical security counter measures (alarm, camera, lighting, & anti-skimming)

  • Recommend switching high risk ATMs to 3rd party service

  • Review logical security counter measures (HDE, Whitelisting, & intrusion)

  • Assist in procurement of products and services to protect your fleet

  • Provide project management throughout implementation of enhancements

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Vendor Management

Establishing a comprehensive supplier management program is critical to meeting your fleet performance and expense reduction goals.  The ATM Channel must clearly articulate its performance objectives and cost savings expectations with suppliers to properly execute the strategy.

What NOW Consulting will do for you:

  • Review current supplier list and create matrix for future business reviews

  • Guide you through building a sustainable performance model (KPI’s/SLA’s)

  • Create roadmap on how to use fleet data to guide supplier negotiations and selection

  • Assist with negotiations for product enhancements, existing contracts, and new suppliers

  • Provide project management for new supplier implementation

Operational Excellence

Creating a best-in-class ATM Operations strategy is critical to meet your customers 24 x7 needs.  Without the proper applications, service providers, and services offered, your customer experience could be negatively impacted.

What NOW Consulting will do for you:

  • Assess your current fleet performance and service providers

  • Assist with service provider selection and defining SLA’s / KPI’s

  • Review your applications and tools utilized for fleet management

  • Guide your strategy to reduce negative customer interactions

  • Review consumer and fleet data to improve performance

  • Provide project management throughout implementation of enhancements

  • Assist in creating a personalized ATM customer experience

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